Monday, May 14, 2012

Random +1

Hello, I figure since I have been living for the past 33 years and done nothing really spanktastic I should start blogging to write my stories for people who wants to know me and for my children to read who is their mum when they grow up. Who knows if the site will survive by then. :)

I find it difficult to control what I want to say at times, terribad habit. Please don't mind my cyberslang as I have been online since I was 17. Uh huh, almost half of my life has been spent ONLINE haha. What I want to say is, I can't be bother to change who I am. My parents think I should be different and I have always not live up to their standard, think they given up trying tho.

>.< I have dishes to do, clothes to hang, baby who just fell asleep on my chest atm and my other daughter's room is like a bomb just exploded! -_- Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... I want today to be over so I can actually gain some game time for tomorrow! YES TOMORROW IS DIABLO III RELEASE DAY! Hahhahaha, oh wait gamerz r loser? Get a grip, it's call take your mind off things that bothers you! What bothers me? Being separate with my eldest for the past 9 years is very bothering me! Me think I have been being better since she likes calling me and chit chat with me for random things as well as being able to see her in couple of weeks really helps my mind. Oh oh oh, my crafting which I don't really treat it as business also helps me heaps! There are fair a few ladies would like me to treat it seriously as a business but I don't know if I should or not. I treat it casually as hobby at the same time I want it to become a stable income as my husband don't work back to uni and I am looking after the little ones at home. Then again, that means I will have to jack up the price to pay for expenses such as running a website, shopping cart addon, name cards, stickers, packaging so on and so forth which I don't think I am put enough thoughts and effort into it YET! I enjoy making them as a hobby and want it to be affordable for many SAHM. I went to Diva last night and found out my price is quite under what they would sell in a margin especially when most of the orders are custom orders.

Ah well, at the moment we have enough to feed our children and NOT IN HUGE DEBT! So that's +1 yay!!!

So... writing this makes me feel dumb as who in their right mind would read this?????? @_@