Sunday, March 23, 2014

Market yikes!

Wow! Today is a huge step for me and Miki's Crafty Corner! I took the chance to doing another market for my handmade items eventhough it was just a car boot sales but I have noticed a lot of people taking interest with what I've made. I even manage to hand out or get request for business cards. Previously it was just a share table with other ladies but last minute got told that her table is full, but because I have announced that I will be going to the market I cringe my teeth and forked out $200 for a gazebo as long term investment. By the looks of it I will have to work extra hard to actively going to different markets to achieve the result. I also need another table for display which I intend to save up money for that. :) Other than the frustration I had on Friday and Saturday, today indeed is a GREAT DAY! The weather was beautiful and market crowd was pretty good considering it is their first market on this location.

I am scouting new location targeting the right kind of crowd. Phew~~~ I don't even know how people manage time for market while crochet stuff for it! :) Sounds crazy job to me.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday catch up

I have been connecting the square together for the past few weeks. It has grown bigger and bigger. I am currently making the third square one by one and connect them whole others are waiting to be sew in when it comes to them. 
There are heaps of work involve but I really love the randomness in it, I just grab whatever color available and some of the color are being more use than others ops! What do you think?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

What happen this week?

This week has been a little hard for me. One of my client (the owner of rainbow elephant) has lost her little angel. I feel terrible sorry and tremendous sadness as I know she has been trying so hard to stay pregnant. Although we are not very close, she is my sister in law. I often hear my husband talking about him and his brother younger days. How they used to game together and spent heaps of time together... Since his brother moved out of house, he met me and they grew apart. It's sad for me to see how life changes people. Alas it is not my say on how things and action should be done to enable once a close tight relationship.