Thursday, February 12, 2015

Children Top

Was inspired by a baby version of dress, couldn't find a toddler or adult version of it (shhhh maybe I wasn't looking hard enough I don't know! Haha) so I just wing it. It fits my both 3 and 9 years old girl. The little one dress it as dress the elder ones as top but I haven't got time to take a picture yet. Jumping in to designing an adult version while battling to write out this scarf pattern!

It's REAL chunky and cozy, personally I am afraid of cold so I am happy this will keep me warm during Winter in coming months lol but the reason I haven't write the pattern out yet is it's still Summer in Australia and after a life changing decision to move to Brisbane we are still recovering from un-boxing and settling into this new place. I apologize my absent since Christmas I hope everyone are all well and happy~ 

Oh did I mention that I am loving the Brisbane lifestyle? So much going on and so wonderful! I really need to get on making more stuff for coming Winter while designing more patterns. Juggling with 2 children and business is not easy at all. Still a little overwhelming how 2-3 months can change a lot! Alas, burying myself to work again! :)