Saturday, January 25, 2014

Miki's Crafty 2013 look back

After a long idle, I wasn't idle. I have been very busy on facebook. My last rant back 2012 Jun, only to find out I attempted to crochet BUT failed to do so because I didn't know what I was doing. Yes I was struggling, much more than now. I was mentally wasn't in the right place to do what I wanted to do, to achieve what I wanted to achieve. I was not focus. Looking back the 2012 me, I find myself today more confidence, more focus and more determine. I absolutely enjoy what I do now, I am beginning to see where I want to go in 5 years.

After the failed Jun 12 attempt, I stop crochet till Dec where I told myself JUST DO IT! Shhhhh Nike don't sue me for copyright! Since 2012 Dec, I have not stop crochet. I work very hard to get a grip what I was doing, many hours to how to make sense from this stupid string of fiber and hook. I was told, crochet is a SKILL and worst come to worst, FROG IT. Oh yes, there is no loss in crochet, nothing is ruin unless you said so!

There, there was my whole 2013, keep telling myself to hook it hook it HOOK IT!7 I use my last 2013 project picture to end my 2013 look back. It was a great year of discovering new skill, and new me. Thank you 2013. Welcome 2014, more hooks and yarn, more creativity juice producing~