Thursday, June 7, 2012


I find myself struggling keeping sales up, I don't know... Maybe it has something to do with my negative emotion that I keep failing to control lately. I bet stuff I made are not happy when I feel like crap! I haven't work much lately, my husband keep telling me I shouldn't treat this as a business and should stay as hobby as it's not making profit. I don't know what to do, I am frustrate that he is not backing me up. I am frustrate that I am losing patience with people who placed order but not replying messages. I am frustrate over am I not doing enough or I have over done? I know nobody is going to give me advice in such matter, prob just tell me to quit or move on to different things like my husband suggested. Maybe I should, I don't know! I tried crocheting and get criticize at and I blame myself for quick sharing. My regular customers aren't ordering, what have I done wrong? Is it because I told people that I treat this as a hobby considering my price is way too cheap? Or maybe because my design is no longer attractive? What should I change and where should I go????? T_T Depress and sad all around... I do feel like living in an isolated island lately, sigh... I hate this me. I want to cry, but I've lost the ability to do so...

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