Sunday, March 23, 2014

Market yikes!

Wow! Today is a huge step for me and Miki's Crafty Corner! I took the chance to doing another market for my handmade items eventhough it was just a car boot sales but I have noticed a lot of people taking interest with what I've made. I even manage to hand out or get request for business cards. Previously it was just a share table with other ladies but last minute got told that her table is full, but because I have announced that I will be going to the market I cringe my teeth and forked out $200 for a gazebo as long term investment. By the looks of it I will have to work extra hard to actively going to different markets to achieve the result. I also need another table for display which I intend to save up money for that. :) Other than the frustration I had on Friday and Saturday, today indeed is a GREAT DAY! The weather was beautiful and market crowd was pretty good considering it is their first market on this location.

I am scouting new location targeting the right kind of crowd. Phew~~~ I don't even know how people manage time for market while crochet stuff for it! :) Sounds crazy job to me.

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