Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bold and Beautiful Snow Flake Pattern FREE!

Yarn size : 4 ply / finger yarn
Hook size : 2.50mm / Hook C
Gauge: not important
US terminology
Abbrivation used:
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
sl - slip
st - stitch

1. ch 6 sl st and form a ring. ch3 (count as dc), dc, ch1, 2dc, ch1 *2dc, ch1, * repeat * to * 3 times, sl st on top of ch3 (total 6 clusters)

2. sl st across into ch 1 space, ch3 (count as dc), 1dc, ch3, 2dc into ch1 space, *2dc, ch3, 2dc* into each ch1 space from previous row, repeat * to * into each ch1 space from previous row. (total 6 (2 dc, ch3, 2dc) groups) across into ch3 space, ch3 (count as dc), 3dc, ch3, 4dc, *4dc, ch3, 4dc* repeat * to * into each ch3 space from previous row. sl st on top of ch3 (total 6 clusters)

4. sl across into ch3 space, ch3 (count as dc), sc, ch5, sc, ch3, sc into ch3 space, Slip stitch all the way across to the next ch3 space (sc, ch3, sc, ch5, sc ch3, sc) into next ch3 space repeat from * to * around. On the last section you will need to slip stitch across to the first slip stitch ( this is the slip stitch that you did at the beginning of this round to get across to the 1st ch3 space) fasten off.
I hope you enjoy my quick Bold and Beautiful Snow Flake pattern. You can adjust yarn size and hook size to make it into coasters, ornaments, applique so on and so forth... I have been idle for awhile, I hope writing this pattern helps getting my crojo back! :D Feel free to suggest what I can do for you. Once again, thank you and enjoy your holiday~


To achieve the middle snow flake edging look sl st across 4 times ch3 sl st into same st sl across to ch3 space and do the clusters, repeat around.

For Baby Snow Flake please click this link Baby Bold and Beautiful snow flake

Thank you everyone for supporting this pattern. I hope you are enjoying making them~ :)

My awesome friend Clare from Bobwilson123 - Youtube Crochet Channel has made this snowflake in video here

Miki Wilkins


Baby Girl Carpenter said...

Found your wonderful pattern through BobWilson123 on Facebook.
THANK YOU for sharing this beautiful snowflake!! Everyone will be getting one in their Christmas cards this year!!

jenaroma said...

I too found your pattern on Bobwilson123. THANK YOU!!!!!!

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