Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Margaret's Double Cross Stitch Pot Holder

Yarn : 8 ply cotton, you can use pure wool if you like.
Hook size : 4.00mm hook for 8ply cotton, 5mm hook for pure wool
Measurement: 8ply cotton: approx 7" Pure Wool: Approx 7"
US terminology
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
st - stitch
ch - chain
Level : Intermediate to Advance Intermediate

Margaret's Double Cross Stitch :
Yarn over, skip one stitch and go into next stitch and make 2 dc. Yarn over, 2dc into the stitch we skipped from behind of the first 2dc we have just worked.

Row 1 - Start with slip knot and chain 30
Row 2 - DC into 3rd chain from the hook and DC across (28 stitches first chain not counted here and throughout the pattern)
Row 3 - chain 3, turn, double crochet into same stitch, *dc, make Margaret's Double Cross Stitch,* repeat from * to * until the remaining 3 stitches, dc into the remaining 3 stitches.
Row 4 - chain 1, turn, sc into same st, sc next 3 st, skip 2 st and sc the next st, *sc the next 2 st, skip 2 st and sc the next st* repeat to end of row
Row 5 - 20 - Repeat row 3 and 4
Row 21 - chain 3, turn, DC into same stitch, repeat DC to the end of row.
Row 22 - chain 1, turn, repeat sc to end of row
Row 23-41 - repeat Row 21 and Row 22 Please leave a long tail for sew in the piece.
Edging - Fold the piece into half and sew around the edge, last st ch 10 and slip stitch into bottom of the stitch.

Copyright: This pattern may be printed for personal use only. You MAY NOT in any form reproduce or distribute this pattern in part or in whole throught any venue, electronic, merchanical or otherwise without written authorization of the publisher. You are granted permission to sell the finished product for profit on limited basis only. I wouldn't mind if you would like to credit me in your work. Thank you in advance for choosing this pattern.

This is a pattern wrote and designed by Miki Wilkins. I have wrote this pattern in honor for my mother in law Margaret because that was how I accidentally made up this stitch from making her a pot holder. If you have any question regarding the pattern feel free to contact me. 

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Have fun hooking! :)

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Sharon GARDNER said...

Very pretty potholder. Thank you for sharing.