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Margaret's Scarf

Margaret's Scarf

Yarn : 10 ply yarn = Worsted 4 / 8 ply

Hook size : 6.50mm hook / 5.00mm


10 ply yarn 

-- approx 8 1/2" width for child scarf

-- approx 6 1/2" width for adult scarf. If it is too wide for your liking, down size your  hook.

8ply yarn 

-- Approx 5inch children size

-- Approx 7 1/2 inch adult size

US terminology


sc - single crochet

dc - double crochet

st - stitch

ch - chain

Level : Intermediate to Advance Intermediate


*** Please get familiar with the pictorial, it is to help you learn this new stitch. The picture shows where to put the hook through. The decrease row shows you where to skip the 2 stitch that we have increase to make this stitch puff. Please watch carefully where you should skip your 2 stitch to even out the stitch count number or you will end up skipping too many and it will be uneven.


Margaret's Double Crossed Stitch Explanation :

Increase Row:
Skip one stitch and go into next stitch and make 2 DC. 2DC into the stitch we skipped from behind of the first 2DC we have just worked.
Pic 1

Pic 2

Decrease row:
chain 1, turn, sc into same st, sc just before the first set of puffy stitch, skip 2 st (PIC 1) and sc the next st (PIC 2), repeat to end of row. Here you can see you skip the 2SC to obtain the puff and even out the fabric from the previous increase row.


Margaret's Scarf  -- Child / Adult
Row 1 - Start with slip knot and chain 20 / 30 (ch20 for child size, ch30 for adult size)
Row 2  - DC into 4th chain from the hook (count as 1st dc) and DC across (18/28)
Row 3 - chain 3, turn, make Margaret's Double Cross Stitch into next 2 stitches to end of row, 1dc on the top of ch3 previous row. (8/13 group of Margaret's Double Cross  Stitch) (34/54 stitch count)
Row 4 - chain 1, turn, sc into same st, skip 2 st and sc the next st, *sc the next 1 st, skip 2 st and sc the next st* repeat to end of row, last sc into top of last chain from previous row, (18/28)
Row (last) - Ch3, turn, dc to the end. (18/28)
Repeat row 3 and 4 until you are satisfied with the length. I crocheted 51inches long, cut the yarn, fasten it and sew in the tails.

Copyright: This pattern may be printed for personal use only. You MAY NOT in any form reproduce or distribute this pattern in part or in whole through any venue, electronic, mechanical or otherwise without written authorization of the publisher. You are granted permission to sell the finished product for profit on limited basis only. I wouldn't mind if you would like to credit me in your work. I want to thank many friends who have contributed in testing this pattern and correcting grammar mistakes that I have made. Thank you in advance for choosing this pattern.

This is a pattern written and designed by Miki Wilkins. I wrote this pattern in honor for my mother in law Margaret because that was how I accidentally made up this stitch from making her a pot holder. If you have any questions regarding the pattern feel free to contact me. You can find me on
Ravelry: Mikicrafty
Have fun hooking! :)

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